Charter Services Gandhi International Shipping is a global leader in aircraft charter services with a network of offices across the globe. We use local expertise through our global networks in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica and Australia through which we have managed to achieve a reputation of excellence for our individualized charter services that we offer to our customers.   We offer a large variety of aircraft's including light jets, helicopters, turbo jets and heavy jets. The range of aircraft's that we have available makes us your best option for your charter needs. Our focus is on individual private aircraft and itineraries. Additionally we also provide our customers with aircraft's for urgent cargo transportation and many other forms of air transportation.   Gandhi International Shipping has a client base that includes private individuals, the largest corporations in the world, governmental organizations and celebrities. Our exemplary customer focused professionals are available to you 24/7, offering you with excellent service and advice for all your charter needs. As our customer we will provide you with a professional personal account manager who will be with you through all the steps of your charter.   When you get a charter with us you are assured of flying in comfort and style. A charter with Gandhi International Shipping means you avoid the queues and hassles of airport terminals. The jet or chopper that you get with us will allow you to fly your own schedule to a smaller airfield that is closer to your destination.   Our cargo aircraft charter on the other hand presents you with a sure way to move your shipments within the required time-frames. We have provided our cargo aircraft charter for urgent humanitarian aid missions, urgent freight and out-sized cargo transportation.   For more information and advice about Gandhi International Shipping’s charter services, please visit our FAQs section or feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on Toll Free: 1-877-972-7130.
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