Flat Rack Service Gandhi International Shipping is one of best international container shipping ┬ácompany with a limited number of service providers who deliver the newest technology and features in flat rack containers. We have spent the last 20+ years gaining expertise and sharpening our shipping and transportation skills while delivering cargo to some of the most inaccessible destinations. We understand that not everything can fit perfectly in a tank or open top container. Our flat racks provide unique safety features and allow easy loading and offloading while ensuring secure transportation of your unusually shaped cargo.   Our flat rack containers are suitable for heavy cargo that requires loading from the sides or top such as machinery and pipes. Depending on your cargo will can offer you with either collapsible containers or non-collapsible containers with or without walls. We can also supply you with lashing winches and lashing belts depending on the type of cargo. If there is a need we will supply stanchions for your container. Moreover, we will also appropriately cover and secure your cargo through the use of tarpaulins.   The end wall on each of our flat rack containers provides impressive stability for you to stack them on top of each other.   Some of the features offered by our modern customized flat rack containers include:
  • Removable end walls which facilitate direct loading dock capability
  • Flush fold flat racks which offer optimal use of space with reduced deck interruption
  • Increased nickel on end panels to reduce in-service damages and repairs
  • Cross floor lashing coupled with chocking for maximum safety across deck
  • Ultra treated super duty wooden floors that are damage resistant
  • Removable end walls which can easily be converted to drive on ramps
  Our primary goal remains to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in pristine condition by relying on our expertise in lashing and securing containers. Our professional and friendly staff members are trained to take care of your cargo using all available resources.   For more information about our flat rack specials, please visit our FAQs section or feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on Toll Free: 1-877-972-7130.
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