Oversize Cargo Service Gandhi International Shipping is one of a limited number of freight forwarding  companies with the ability to handle oversize cargo. We have specialized in the transportation of oversize cargo. This category of cargo requires technical know-how and knowledge in handling non-standard cargo - at Gandhi International Shipping we have extensive and exemplary experience covering over 20 years in this field of shipping service. We offer our clients with professional handling of their oversized cargo from the point of origin to the desired destination around the globe. We expedite domestic and international movement of oversize cargo. Our team of dedicated professionals works 24/7 using special equipment such as flack rack, mafi trailers and artificial tween deck to ship your cargo to all destinations in the world. We have the capacity to transfer your cargo by road, sea and rail. Other freight forwarders and transportation companies that allege to be experts in this field subcontract the service to us. As a service provider of choice for many organizations and individuals around the world we pride ourselves in offering a service that is fast and safe, at very competitive prices. At Gandhi International Shipping we handle everything in-house from inland trucking to crane handling to loading to strapping. We provide your oversized cargo with special care, attention and handling. Whether your consignment is oversized, too wide, heavyweight, too tall or unusually shaped, we at Gandhi International Shipping will take it to where you want it. Some of the commodities that we handle as oversized cargo include transformers, trailers, earth movers, heavy machinery, industrial machineries, wind turbines, oil and gas production equipment, motor homes and cranes. For a rate quote please provide us with the following information:
  • Item to be shipped and the number of pieces
  • Dimensions for each piece, include the length, width, height and if possible diagrams or pictures
  • Weight for each piece
  • Type of packing for the items
  • Is the unit self propelled, tow-able or on wheels?
For more information or advice on our oversize cargo services, please visit our FAQs section or feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on Toll Free: 1-877-972-7130.
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