Open Top Containers Gandhi International Shipping is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to open top containers. In providing open top containers, at Gandhi International Shipping, we have brought together flexibility and functionality to deliver containers that are tailored to ensure your cargo is transported safely and securely. We provide you with the world’s largest fleet.   Our open top containers are used for all types of dry cargo. However, the principal uses for these containers are:
  • Tall cargo transportation
  • Packing and unpacking through the doors or from above by crane
  Our containers are commonly used in transporting steel bars, general industrial goods, pipes, cables, timber, machinery and ore and other mining materials.   Gandhi International Shipping’s open top containers have distinguishing structural features which allow them to serve you the way you want. Some of the distinguishing structural features include removable roof bows. The roof bows provide structural stability, support the tarps and offer additional stability for the container during lifting, stacking and transportation.   Other typical distinguishing features offered by our open top containers are:
  • Removable header rail for easy over-height loading and offloading
  • Damage resistant top rails
  • Removable tarp-lashing and roof bows for an extremely easy to management system
  • Cost effective tarps which minimize replacement costs
  • Low tare weight for more cargo to be loaded
  • Heavy duty wooden floors
  • Increased nickel on end panels to reduce in-service damages and repairs
  Gandhi International Shipping’s open top containers are constructed from steel with the floor made of extra ultra treated wood. The heavy duty wooden floor is designed to help prevent damage to your cargo. The floor is also resistant to rotting. When transporting your cargo using our open top containers we make sure the container is covered using a weatherproof, sturdy tarpaulin and secure straps to the lashing bars. We do this to ensure that you receive everything that was loaded in excellent condition and without losing a single unit.   For more information and advice about Gandhi International Shipping’s open top containers, please visit our FAQs section or feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on Toll Free: 1-877-972-7130.
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